Valentino Awards Pictures Part 3

Congratulations Leonardo! You are OUR Valentino!
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Thanks to Elli for the following Valentino Awards Stills! There are so many more stills she has so perfectly captured and has generously shared them with other Leo fans. You can find them HERE! Thanks Elli!

The Award...from Emjay

I wish I could have been in that crowd
To see him stand there looking so proud
And hear the words hew had to say
The slightest glimpse would have made my day!

To hear the applause and acclamation
As he received his award with appreciation
Our handsome boy, our fragile beauty
Has grown into such a manly cutie
That dashing smile, that hunky frame,
That sexy look tho' just the same

We love you Leo, and as you grow
More of your talent on us you bestow
And in return our love we send
For we know your reign will never end!

* Note..all the pictures of Leo on the set are now on the new Leo on the Set pages

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