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At the Valentino Awards,
January 27th, 2001

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From - 28.01.01

DiCaprio's middle name revealed to be Wilhelm

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that his middle name is Wilhelm.

DiCaprio revealed his hidden "W" on Saturday night while picking up one of Italy's Rudolph Valentino film awards.

The 26-year-old said most people knew about his Italian heritage. But he added: "What you probably don't know is my middle name - Wilhelm."

That came from his mother's side, he said.

DiCaprio made clear he shared "the overwhelming pride that we Italians take in who we are".

But he emphasised he was proud of the "Wilhelm" as well and resisted agents' recommendation for a more American name at the outset of his career.

DiCaprio has been in Rome filming Martin Scorsese's film Gangs of New York.

Scorsese, who also picked up one of the Valentino awards, told reporters he put DiCaprio with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman in the ranks of "really instinctive actors".

"I consider it as a true trophy for me and my work and my love for Italy: Thank you".

Leo DiCaprio has also spoken about his roots, rewarded yesterday evening (with Virna Lisi). To the Cucinotta, who has delivered the statuette representing Rodolfo Valentino, and at the parquet of vip and guests reunited at the Hilton he has said:
"As a young person I wanted to change my last name. Then I never made it. But I didnít understand how important is the tie/link between the tradition and the culture of the family before I came to Rome".

"I was also a tourist and this city has fascinated me. I have seen the Rome of (the year) 500 ... I imagine that in 500 years it will still be the same".



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