Leonardo and the LA Lakers 4
2001 Edition!

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Thanks to Mona_Lisa, LizUK and Lynlee!

Welcome Home Leo

A poem from Emjay with many thanks!

Welcome back dear Leo
Were so pleased to see you home
Its been too long you've been away
On location there in Rome
But now its time to take a break
To chill and party too
Our only disappointment is
We can't be there with you

But we are there in spirit
And with all our hearts and minds
To welcome back cute BaBy
Who we think of all the time
So now that filming's ended
We have one heartfelt plea
Can you hurry along the editing
Cause we're DESPERATE to see

We've waited months to view your face
Up on our silver screens
We need to see you there once more
The man of all our dreams

We love you sweet BaBy

Thanks Pax

The Dream Page gratefully acknowledges Lynlee55 for the gift of the fantastic FIRST 2001 Lakers photos!

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